Car Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving

winter car maintenanceSpringtime may be on the horizon, but the cold weather isn’t over yet! While it’s important that you take your vehicle to an auto technician for regular car maintenance year-round, winters can be particularly rough. There’s little that’s worse than an auto emergency during the middle of a snowstorm, in the freezing cold, with no auto service and repair center in sight. To avoid this scenario, take steps now to care for your vehicle. Here are several very important winter car maintenance tasks you should accomplish right away.

1. Check Your Lights

It’s not just colder during the winter; it’s darker too! You may find that your usually sunny morning and evening commute is consistently a nighttime drive. This is why it’s important to have your auto repair specialist check the lights as part of your winter car maintenance.

2. Test Your Battery Volt

Car batteries work better when it’s warmer. As the colder weather continues, it’s possible that issues with your battery will become more apparent. Always have your batter voltage tested, just to be safe, during winter car maintenance.

3. Examine Your Cooling System

While it’s unlikely that your car will overheat when it’s cold, checking your cooling system should still be part of your winter car maintenance. This is to ensure that your vehicle isn’t leaking antifreeze and that your coolant levels aren’t too low.

Need Car Maintenance This Winter?

If you need car maintenance or repairs this winter, bring your vehicle to Kohout’s Automotive & Alignment Center. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians are prepared to handle any needed maintenance, as well as RV repairs and wheel alignment. Visit our website for more information about our shop and services. You can also call (360) 489–6815 to schedule an appointment.

Winter Car Maintenance Services

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