Signs Your Vehicle Needs Engine Maintenance in Tumwater

engine maintenanceIt’s important that your vehicle in Tumwater receive regular engine maintenance so it will last longer. While performing regular oil changes and other general auto services is helpful, neglecting the maintenance your engine’s requirements will result in the need for extensive auto repair. Engine replacements and rebuilds are expensive and inconvenient, so attend to the following engine maintenance warning signs for your vehicle in Tumwater.

Abnormal Exhaust

Normal exhaust from your vehicle should be light and disappear quickly. If you find that your exhaust lingers or is a black or dark blue color, you may need engine maintenance. Improper ratios of fuel and oxygen can cause these exhaust issues. They should be handled by an auto technician immediately.

Uncommon Noises

Vehicles make noise all the time, but you can usually identify new or uncommon ones. Ticking, metal grinding, and tapping are all examples of sounds that indicate a need for engine maintenance. Your local auto repair shop can listen to your vehicle and determine the cause of the noises before extensive damage occurs.

Reduced Engine Power

When you accelerate, obviously you want your vehicle to move forward. If your vehicle hesitates or struggles when accelerating, then you need engine maintenance as soon as possible. Continuing to force your vehicle through a reduced power issue can permanently damage your engine.

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