Lacey Auto Repair: Common Dashboard Warning Lights

dashboard warning lightsAre you familiar with the warning lights on your vehicle in Lacey, Washington? To prevent unnecessary auto repairs, you should always pay close attention to dashboard warning lights. Putting of a trip to the shop or expecting the problem to go away can cause further damage to your car or truck. Find a reliable auto repair shop if you notice any of these common dashboard warning lights in Lacey.

Check Engine Light

This warning light can indicate a multitude of issues. If you see this light, have a trained auto technician assess your vehicle immediately. While the light could indicate a simple problem with your gas cap, it could also warn of a variety of serious issues that could lead to expensive auto repairs if left unattended.

Brake System Light

Your vehicle’s brake system is extremely important for your safety. There are, however, multiple elements of your brake system that can fail. If the light comes on, a professional auto repair shop has the tools needed to identify the cause of the problem.

Tire Pressure Sensor Light

Your vehicle tires also warrant close attention. When the tire pressure warning light comes on, your vehicle is alerting you to a pressure issue. You have either too much or not enough pressure to drive safely. Tire pressure issues cause blow-outs or rim damage if left unchecked. Avoid expensive auto repair by checking the pressure in your tires regularly.

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