Summer Auto Maintenance in Olympia

summer auto maintenanceAs a car or truck owner in Olympia, Washington, you already know how vital scheduling regular auto maintenance service is. You may not, however, know that it’s particularly important to take care of your vehicle during and after prolonged exposure to heat and damaging UV rays. Your car or truck will probably see more use this summer, as many families plan activities and vacation during warmer months. To ensure that your vehicle is still in tip-top shape, you should have it examined by an auto technician. Remember to request the following summer auto maintenance services during your next scheduled appointment at an auto repair shop in Olympia.


Most auto shops will check your fluids every visit, but make sure you ask for this auto maintenance service in the summer regardless. Most mechanics will happily top your fluids off for you. Letting fluids get too low or neglecting to schedule an oil change can result in the need for expensive auto repairs down the road.

Tire Pressure and Alignment

Having your tires checked is an important aspect of summer auto maintenance. Tires are greatly impacted by temperature changes of just ten degrees. Make sure your technician tests tire air pressure and alignment. If recommended, have them perform wheel alignment services as well.


You should also ask your professional mechanic to check your battery during summer auto maintenance. Heat can cause your battery to give out sooner than it might otherwise. This is due to fluid loss and oxidation. Don’t risk getting stranded!

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