Auto Maintenance That Will Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer in Lacey

auto maintenanceHow long have you owned your car or truck in Lacey, Washington? How long do you expect it to remain functional? Unfortunately, vehicles don’t last forever. There are ways, however, to extend your vehicle’s lifespan. With proper auto maintenance services performed by an expert technician, you can ensure that your vehicle remains on the road for years to come. A few routine trips to the auto shop now can help you save bundles of time and money later. Keep the following auto maintenance tips in mind as you drive in Lacey.

Pay Attention to Mileage Checkpoints

When you purchased your car or truck, you were probably provided a list of manufacturer-recommended auto maintenance checkpoints. It’s important to take these recommendations seriously and schedule service when needed.

Schedule Maintenance Seasonally

While you can schedule auto maintenance at any time of year, it’s particularly important to meet with a professional mechanic as the seasons change. Summers and winters are hard on your vehicle. A routine checkup can help you spot potential issues before they develop into large auto repairs.

Have Someone Else Drive

Small changes in the way your vehicle handles can be hard to identify. Have a friend drive your car or truck occasionally to help identify possible auto maintenance quirks early.

Need to Schedule Auto Maintenance in Lacey?

Do you need to schedule auto maintenance in Lacey, Washington? Now that you know which services are most important, you’re better prepared to take proper care of your vehicle. If it’s time to schedule one of the above-mentioned services, contact Kohout’s Automotive & Alignment Center in Lacey today. We offer expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. Our mechanics have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to perform most maintenance and repairs. You can also count on us for wheel alignments, RV repairs and classic car repairs.

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