3 Most Common Auto Repair Needs in Tumwater

auto repair tumwaterKeeping your vehicle in good shape is crucial and will help you get the most use out of it throughout the years. However, even the most reliable vehicles will need repairs and service now and then. Knowing the 3 most common auto repair needs will help you stay on top of them when they come up. 

Spark Plug Replacement

The spark plugs in your vehicle are responsible for creating the timed combustion of fuel. When one or more of them wears out, your engine will usually develop a misfire or may run rough. When this happens, a replacement is your best option. 

Oil Changes

All internal combustion vehicles need to get their oil changed on a regular basis. Old oil can cause clogs in the engine or other, more serious issues like overheating or warping in the combustion chamber. Getting oil changes according to the schedule laid out in your owner’s manual will help keep the vehicle running smoothly. 

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Modern vehicles automatically create the mixture of fuel and oxygen that is let into the engine’s combustion chamber. This is partially done using the oxygen sensor that measures the amount of oxygen coming out of the exhaust and then the car’s computer adjusts the mixture accordingly. If your oxygen sensor wears out, you could end up with all kinds of problems and a replacement will be necessary as soon as possible. 

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