Auto Maintenance That Will Keep Your Vehicle Running Longer in Lacey

auto maintenanceHow long have you owned your car or truck in Lacey, Washington? How long do you expect it to remain functional? Unfortunately, vehicles don’t last forever. There are ways, however, to extend your vehicle’s lifespan. With proper auto maintenance services performed by an expert technician, you can ensure that your vehicle remains on the road for years to come. A few routine trips to the auto shop now can help you save bundles of time and money later. Keep the following auto maintenance tips in mind as you drive in Lacey.

Pay Attention to Mileage Checkpoints

When you purchased your car or truck, you were probably provided a list of manufacturer-recommended auto maintenance checkpoints. It’s important to take these recommendations seriously and schedule service when needed.

Schedule Maintenance Seasonally

While you can schedule auto maintenance at any time of year, it’s particularly important to meet with a professional mechanic as the seasons change. Summers and winters are hard on your vehicle. A routine checkup can help you spot potential issues before they develop into large auto repairs.

Have Someone Else Drive

Small changes in the way your vehicle handles can be hard to identify. Have a friend drive your car or truck occasionally to help identify possible auto maintenance quirks early.

Need to Schedule Auto Maintenance in Lacey?

Do you need to schedule auto maintenance in Lacey, Washington? Now that you know which services are most important, you’re better prepared to take proper care of your vehicle. If it’s time to schedule one of the above-mentioned services, contact Kohout’s Automotive & Alignment Center in Lacey today. We offer expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. Our mechanics have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to perform most maintenance and repairs. You can also count on us for wheel alignments, RV repairs and classic car repairs.

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Preparing for Auto Repair in Olympia

Auto Repair PrepHave you recently noticed that something’s “off” with your car or truck in Olympia, Washington? It might be time to schedule auto repair services. While it’s simple enough to make an appointment at a local auto shop, there are a few things you should do before scheduling and agreeing to service. Taking these steps now will make the process run much smoother. Do these things before letting a technician perform auto repair services on your vehicle in Olympia.

Take Note of the Issue(s)

When you realize something is wrong with your car or truck, take note. Keep a mental or written record of what you notice will make it easier for your technician to identify the underlying problem.

Clean Out Your Vehicle

If you need to schedule auto repair with a professional mechanic, the first thing you should do is clean out the interior of your vehicle. While most of the work will probably be done under the hood, a clean car or truck will allow the technician to easily access components in your cab. Continue Reading →

Signs You Should Replace Your Car Battery in Olympia

replace car batteryHas your car or truck been performing poorly in Olympia, Washington? Your car battery might be dying. The typical lifespan of an auto battery is about four years. Several factors affect when you should replace your car battery. For example, driving for short trips or during extremely hot weather can wear down a battery much quicker, while scheduling regular vehicle maintenance could help it last longer. Paying attention to the signs your vehicle is displaying can save you a lot of time and money at the auto repair shop. Speak with an auto technician about replacing your car battery right away if you notice any of these signs while driving in Olympia.

Slow Cranking Engine

Is your engine sluggish? Does it take extra time to start? This is an early sign that you might need to replace your car battery. Mention this to your professional mechanic right away.

Engine Light Activation

Your check engine light could also activate when your car engine needs attention. A technician will need to run a diagnostic to determine the exact nature of the needed auto repairs. Continue Reading →

Important Auto Maintenance to Schedule in Tumwater

Have you recently purchased a new car in Tumwater? If so, it’s important to keep routine auto maintenance in mind. As you rack up the miles, it’s vital to have an auto technician maintain your car. Keep the following mileage recommendations in mind and call Kohout’s Automotive & Alignment Center in Lacey for help!Have you recently purchased a new car or truck in Tumwater, Washington? If so, it’s important to keep recommended routine auto maintenance in mind. Taking proper care of your vehicle now will keep it running strong for years to come! While some manufacturers provide a routine maintenance schedule, it’s easy to overlook. This isn’t an excuse not to have the services performed at a local auto repair shop. As you rack up the miles, it’s vital to have an auto technician maintain your vehicle. Keep the following mileage recommendations in mind as you plan for auto maintenance in Tumwater.

3,000 to 7,000 Miles

A professional mechanic should perform an oil change on your vehicle every 3,000 miles. Depending on your vehicle, however, you may be able to wait until you’ve hit 7,000.

15,000 to 35,000 Miles

Most technicians recommend that you have your air filter replaced every 15,000 miles driven. It’s also a good idea to check your battery every 20,000 miles. Continue Reading →

Picking Car Tires this Winter at JBLM

winter car tiresWinter is just around the corner and it’s important to consider how this will affect your car or truck. Cooler temperatures aside, inclement weather can post a serious problem. This is why so many drivers choose to buy winter car tires. It can be difficult to know which tires are best-suited for your vehicle and the weather conditions you expect to encounter. While an auto technician can point you in the right direction, being familiar with winter car tires is a good idea. Keep the following information in mind as you select winter car tires at your local auto repair shop at JBLM.

Winter Tires Are Necessary

You may be wondering if winter car tires are actually necessary. The answer is probably. It greatly depends on your location. If you know your area will see snow, ice, or sleet this winter, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Also consider asking for a wheel alignment.

All-Season Tires Aren’t Enough

All-season tires are fantastic for areas that don’t see a lot of bad weather. These car tires are not, however, ideal for driving on snow and ice. Talk to a professional mechanic about whether or not they will suffice in your area. Continue Reading →

Important Pre-Repair Tasks to Complete in Lacey

pre-repair tasks, auto repairHas your car or truck been giving you trouble in Lacey, Washington? You may need to schedule auto repair services. Putting off important maintenance and repairs can be extremely damaging for your vehicle. In many cases, waiting will result in a much more expensive visit with your auto technician. Before you make an appointment with your local auto repair shop, however, there are a few important things you need to do. Make sure you complete the following pre-repair tasks before scheduling auto repair services in Lacey.

Clean Your Car

It’s good practice to clean out the interior of your vehicle before taking your vehicle in for auto repairs. Personal belongings and trash can make it more difficult for your technician to work. While there are some emergency situations that will not allow for this, do your auto shop this favor when you can.  Continue Reading →

Summer Auto Maintenance in Olympia

summer auto maintenanceAs a car or truck owner in Olympia, Washington, you already know how vital scheduling regular auto maintenance service is. You may not, however, know that it’s particularly important to take care of your vehicle during and after prolonged exposure to heat and damaging UV rays. Your car or truck will probably see more use this summer, as many families plan activities and vacation during warmer months. To ensure that your vehicle is still in tip-top shape, you should have it examined by an auto technician. Remember to request the following summer auto maintenance services during your next scheduled appointment at an auto repair shop in Olympia.


Most auto shops will check your fluids every visit, but make sure you ask for this auto maintenance service in the summer regardless. Most mechanics will happily top your fluids off for you. Letting fluids get too low or neglecting to schedule an oil change can result in the need for expensive auto repairs down the road. Continue Reading →

Engine Maintenance and Repair: What to Do When Engine Overheating Occurs in Tumwater

engine maintenance, engine repair, overheating engineIs your vehicle’s engine overheating in Tumwater, Washington? You may need to speak with an auto technician about engine maintenance and repair options. An overheating engine isn’t just an inconvenience; it can indicate serious issues that should be addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem will certainly cause further damage to your car or truck, especially if you continue to drive it. When your vehicle is overheating, take these steps and then schedule engine maintenance and repair with an auto repair shop in Tumwater.

Turn Your Vehicle Off

While it’s important to schedule engine maintenance and repair as soon as possible, do not attempt to drive your vehicle to a shop for auto repairs right now. Pull to the side of the road or into a parking lot and shut your car or truck off immediately. Driving an overheating vehicle is dangerous and will cause further damage.

Wait for the Engine to Cool

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done for your vehicle until after your engine has cooled. This can take some time, but nothing can be done to rush the process. Take the time now to schedule engine maintenance and repair. Be careful not to touch your radiator cap until it’s completely cooled. Continue Reading →

4 Things Every Woman Should Know About Vehicle Maintenance in JBLM

vehicle maintenanceWomen lead busy lives, so it’s easy to overlook proper vehicle maintenance in JBLM, Washington. There are, however, a few basic items that you should understand regarding your car or truck. Taking time to become familiar with these things will help you avoid expensive auto repairs down the road. Keep the following vehicle maintenance concerns in mind while driving your vehicle in JBLM.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are a safety feature on your vehicle. If you start to see streaking, visit an auto technician for vehicle maintenance. Being able to see during poor weather is absolutely imperative.

Flat Tires

While an auto repair shop can replace your flat tire, you have to get there first. If you don’t have roadside assistance, it’s important that you know how to change a flat tire as part of regular vehicle maintenance. Continue Reading →

Lacey Auto Repair: Common Dashboard Warning Lights

dashboard warning lightsAre you familiar with the warning lights on your vehicle in Lacey, Washington? To prevent unnecessary auto repairs, you should always pay close attention to dashboard warning lights. Putting of a trip to the shop or expecting the problem to go away can cause further damage to your car or truck. Find a reliable auto repair shop if you notice any of these common dashboard warning lights in Lacey.

Check Engine Light

This warning light can indicate a multitude of issues. If you see this light, have a trained auto technician assess your vehicle immediately. While the light could indicate a simple problem with your gas cap, it could also warn of a variety of serious issues that could lead to expensive auto repairs if left unattended. Continue Reading →