Signs Your Vehicle Needs Engine Maintenance in Tumwater

engine maintenance tumwaterThere are certain things you can ignore while driving in Tumwater. Others, however, need attention if you want to stay on the road. Don’t put off engine maintenance if you become aware of any of the following warning signs while driving.

Abnormal Exhaust

Normal exhaust from your vehicle should be light and disappear quickly. If you notice your exhaust lingers or is a black or dark blue color, it may be time to schedule engine maintenance. Improper ratios of fuel and oxygen can cause these exhaust issues. They should be handled by an auto technician immediately.

Strange Noises

Most modern cars are good at telling you when your car needs to be looked at.  If you notice unusual ticking, metal grinding or tapping noises, take your vehicle to your mechanic. Your local auto repair shop can listen to your vehicle and determine the cause of the noises before extensive damage occurs.

Reduction in Engine Power

There are a variety of reasons for reduced power. If your vehicle hesitates or struggles when accelerating, seek help from a professional as soon as possible. Continuing to force your vehicle through a reduced power issue can permanently damage your engine.

Ready to Schedule Engine Maintenance near Tumwater?

Do you need to schedule engine maintenance for your car or truck near Tumwater? Let the highly-trained and experienced professional staff at Kohout’s Automotive & Alignment Center of Lacey diagnose your engine problems today. Our knowledgeable technicians are also well versed in RV repairs, wheel alignments, and classic car repairs. Visit our website for more information about our company or contact us today to schedule an appointment for expert engine maintenance in Tumwater today.

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