Things Every Woman Should Know About Vehicle Maintenance in JBLM

vehicle maintenance JBLMSometimes vehicle maintenance takes a back seat to all the other obligations and responsibilities women have.  Here are just a few reminders of the top priorities for your car or truck in JBLM.  Keeping these in mind will help you avoid expensive repairs and improve driving safety.

See Well

Getting stuck in the rain with subpar windshield wipers is no picnic, and it can be downright perilous!  As soon as you notice the blades aren’t doing a good job, visit an auto technician for vehicle maintenance.  

Roll On

Roadside assistance for tire trouble is awesome! But there is a chance you may need to change a flat yourself someday. Watch an online video or two. Make sure you have a decent spare, and that the jack and lug wrench are accessible. Keep a tire gauge in the car and check the pressure once a month.

Slick Trick

Be good to your engine, and check your oil once a month, too. It only takes a few minutes and can save your engine.

For Vehicle Maintenance Assistance, Contact Kohout’s

Often your car or truck will tell you when you might need a professional mechanic. Subtle changes in the sound of the engine can be observed and might help you avoid trouble. Of course, those pesky dashboard warning lights should not be ignored 😉  For professional help with your car or truck in JBLM contact Kohout’s Automotive & Alignment Center in Lacey. With access to the latest in computerized technology, we can diagnose and repair any problem with your car or truck. We’ll get you back on the road in no time! We are also trained to provide RV repairs, wheel alignments, and classic car repairs.  

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