Signs You Need a Timing Belt Replacement in Lacey

Timing-Belt-Replacement-LaceyYour engine timing is an essential part of its operation, and if the combustion timing is off, you could end up with all kinds of issues. If you’re noticing any of the following signs with your engine, they could be the result of timing problems, and a timing belt replacement may be your answer.

Ticking Noises

A persistent ticking noise from underneath your hood can be a sure sign of a timing issue. When the timing belt starts to wear out, it can cause knocking in the engine. Any new noises should be looked at by a professional right away.  


A misfire is one of the most common signs of poor engine timing. When the timing belt isn’t working correctly, the spark plugs won’t fire at the right times, resulting in rough engine performance. 

Check Engine Light

While a check engine light can happen for a variety of reasons, the need for a timing belt replacement is a common one. Any time the engine isn’t firing properly, your car’s computer will register a problem. If you notice the check engine light as well as a difference in performance, this could mean you need to have the timing belt looked at. 

Need a Timing Belt Replacement in Lacey?

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Expert Timing Belt Replacement in Lacey

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